Meanwhile Several People Entered A New Framework (2016)
Performance (photos: Gert-Jan van Rooij)

Things Thoughts (2016)
26 c-prints (10,5 x 14,8cm)

Corners (2006 - 2016)
Pencil and pigment liner on paper (74x105mm / 105x148 / 148x210)

I Can't Hear You (2014)
Performance (ca 30 min)

Untitled (sound) (2013)
Ink on plain paper (A4)

Poem (2013)
silkscreen on paper, (841 x 1189 cm)

I am Abstract (2013)
ink on wall (dimensions vary)

This Text Will Be Performed (2013)
Performance (10min), vinyl letters on wall (240x210cm)

A Short Play for 2 Photographers And a Camera Man (2013)
Performance (45min)

The Dinner (2012)
Performance (3h)

Witte Steen (2011)

Event (2011)
Performance, Installation

Crossing The Atlantic (2011)
2 C-Prints (10x15cm)

A Short Play For My Friends (2011)

Rocks (2009)
Installation, Performance

3.203 The name means the object. The object is its meaning. (“A” is the same sign as “A”.) (2009)
inkjet print 70 pages A4, framed

Businessman (2009)